Думай о хорошем,мысли - матриальны
No feeling of completeness,
No chance to breathe enough
Like all entire sweetness
Has gone at once above.

The lips are trembling slightly,
The face is very pale
Oh Lord, You are almighty
To stop me from the fail.

The fear is inside me
It smothers me a lot.
I’m wishing just to break free
And keeping stay afloat.

But there is no decision
In badly aching head
I’m begging You for vision -
How to find the shed.

I’m shivering and moaning
How to stop my mind?
But nasty thoughts are crawling
To make me almost blind.

And finally exhausted
I slowly fall asleep.
The dream was really worth it
To get my usual grip.

And I collect my power
I’m working on the skills
Alone, we are like flour
That fights against the mills.

But our friends and lovers
Are weapons of defense.
It’s better be the flowers
Which life has gorgeous ends.

Eyezy ( 29/11/2012)